Предприятия группы Метинвест

Metinvest Trametal SpA

Production process

  • Slabs
    Production process starts from steel slabs, most part of which come from Metinvest's Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. In its yard Metinvest Trametal may store up to 80.000 tons of material.
  • Reheating
    At the plant slabs are flame cut to the size related to the final dimensions of the plate to be produced. The slabs are reheated in one 3 ways pusher furnace which operates with natural gas.
  • Descaling
    After exiting from the reheating furnace, slabs move through descaling station for water scale removal under pressure of 220 bars.
  • Quarto reversing rolling mill
    Quarto reversing rolling mill
    Slabs are then rolled by a quarto reversing mill where they pass forth and back between the rolls in order to reduce the thickness. Accurate thickness tolerances are guaranteed through a sophisticated on line x-ray gauge meter.
  • Hot leveller
    Hot leveller
    When coming out from the rolling mill, the plate levelling is made automatically on hot leveller on line.
  • Markings
    Plates are marked with sticky tax on the surface and edges. During the production process from daughter slabs to be rolled to the final shipment, products are controlled with bar code tag.
  • Edges
    The plates are normally supplied with edges as rolled. On request plates can be delivered cut edges with cutting made off line.
  • Heat treatment
    Heat treatment
    Plates (up to 24000 mm length, 3250 mm width) can be supplied with different types of heat treatments (normalized in furnace, normalized and tempered, annealed) according to applicable norms and/or customer specification using a roller type furnace.